Podcast interview to Tamara Mariscal

In this first episode of Movehability podcast, I had the opportunity to expend some days visiting my friend and client Tamara Mariscal in Liverpool.

Tamara is the wife of Liverpool goalkeeper Adrián San Miguel, a former goalkeeper for West Ham United and Betis and the mother of 2 beautiful children. Tamara has had to adapt her culinary skills to feed her family in an excellent and healthy way.

Tamara has been training with me for 4 years. We started training just after her first son Enzo was born. And since then, we have shared many beautiful moments.

We met in London at Third Space Canary Wharf when Adrian played for West Ham United and I worked as a personal trainer specialised in pregnancy and postpartum training.

From postpartum training, Tamara applied the ten guidelines explained in the guide “Learn to eat healthy by changing 10 habits”, which will be the subject of the next chapter of the Movehability podcasts channel.

In these podcasts, Tamara tells us how her cooking has changed and what she has discovered along the way.

Because knowing a little better what happens when we eat, the types of nutrients that our body needs and how we use the energy contained in food, as she well says; “You start to be in tune and learn to listen to your body.”

We have known each other for many years now, and just after recovering from the first pregnancy and already training to achieve her goals, and especially when Tamara was again in her best state, we began another type of training again; training during pregnancy and postpartum of the second baby, the little one in the family.

Now, a few years have passed, the two babies are children now and Tamara is more connected with her body than ever. She perfectly connects with how her lifestyle and diet affects either her health or the health of the ones she loves the most, and she applies this to all her recipes.

During this interview, we came up with the idea of ​​making these recipes so tasty and healthy, original from Tamara, and that you can find as a downloadable pdf in this website.

And for us, we continue training  through the App and by video call, every week, Tamara from Liverpool and me from Spain.

I hope you like it.




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