Strength training and weight loss tips

It is very common to believe that aerobic exercise, known as cardio, is the best type of workout for weight loss and for fat loss. However, despite the fear of weights, especially among women, the truth is that strength training is the best ally to achieve your weight and body fat goals.

After summer, there is many people who want to start September by getting back into to their routine, losing those kilos that they had gained during the summer and holiday season and start a healthier lifestyle with a good physical exercise routine.

However, it is essential to know what type of training you must follow to achieve your goals.

My name is Felisa Vicente, I’m personal trainer, and I would like to advise you in this and many other types of training you are looking for to get the best version of yourself, if you want me to help you, just contact me.

Myths about strength training

There are some popular misbeliefs about strength training that cause many people to be reluctant to perform this type of physical exercise.

Here, we break up them one by one:

  • Strength training increases body volume”: This is perhaps the biggest fear of women when it comes to strength training. There are many who think that by doing weights they will achieve a voluminous and very muscular body that can be somewhat masculine. However, to achieve a large body volume, it is not enough to train strength, but you need a caloric surplus, that is, to burn fewer calories than those consumed daily. Also, considering the physiological and hormonal differences between men and women, it is very difficult for girls to achieve a muscular body.

Have a look at all those fitness ladies on Instagram boasting of having a firm and defined body. Who have gone from just doing cardio to the rack area with barbells and heavy plates in the gyms.

  • “Strength training impairs flexibility”: If you perform with the right weight and correct technique, strength training will not lead to loss of flexibility. In fact, this type of physical exercise can increase the flexibility of the person who performs it. Especially since each movement has a shortening phase (Concentric phase) and a stretching phase (Eccentric phase).

  • “If you stop strength training, muscle turns into fat”: Muscles can never turn into fat, as they are different tissues. However, when weight training is abandoned, muscle tone is lost, and if this is accompanied by unhealthy eating habits, it can lead to weight gain and body fat gain. But this also happens when a healthy diet and other types of physical exercise are abandoned.



Benefits of strength training

Strength training is the best option to lose body fat, so it is the perfect ally if we want to lose weight and improve our body composition.

This is so because thanks to strength training the loss of body fat and not muscle mass is guaranteed. Thus, the benefits of strength training are many and they all lead to the loss of body fat:

  • Loss of body fat: in addition to strength training, a hypocaloric diet is essential. When there is a caloric deficit, the body consumes both fat and lean tissue. However, training with weights will provide your body with a stimulus that will protect muscle mass, stimulating your body to consume fat and not muscle.
  • Maintenance of muscle mass: thanks to strength training, muscle tone is gained, since the secretion of creatine, an essential nutrient for muscles, is enhanced. In addition, it must be considered that muscle tone begins to lose between 3% and 8% after 30 in each decade that we meet. Strength training guarantees the preservation of muscle mass, which will allow us to be stronger as we get older and will help us avoid age-related injuries.
  • Activation of metabolism: Strength training activates your metabolism, which will allow you to eat more calories during your diet. You will be able to lose weight and achieve a better body appearance and healthier by eating well, without starving at all. This, consequently, will improve adherence to the diet and will not cause the appearance of pathologies such as anxiety or eating disorders. In addition, thanks to the creation of muscle, you will not only be burning fat while you train, but also once you are at rest, since the metabolism will remain high for up to 72 hours after strength training.
  • Easier weight loss maintenance: thanks to having kept your metabolism at optimal levels, is less likely that you have the dreaded rebound effect once you have finished the diet. Of course, you will need to keep training strength, as it is the only guarantee of preserving the achieved physique.

Strength training methods

Directed aerobic exercise classes, running or long hours of cardio are undoubtedly very effective when it comes to losing weight. However, despite being effective, only strength training guarantees the transformation of the body composition and help you achieve a tone up figure.

Strength training versus aerobic or cardio training

We are not saying that aerobic exercise should be put aside. Nothing is further from the truth. In fact, the ideal is to combine both types of exercises and take advantage of all their advantages and benefits.

This, aerobic exercise is ideal to increase endurance and to improve cardiorespiratory health. It is the best ally against cardiovascular diseases. However, we should not exclude strength training from our routine, just as we should not exclude a little cardio.

Strength Training Routine Example

According to all this, here you can find a good exercise routine, combining cardio with strength training and with the sometimes forgotten stretches.

  1. Warm up for 2 to 5 minutes with any mild cardiovascular exercise to raise your body temperature. (2-5 ‘)
  2. Prepare your soft tissue with the help of a foam roller. Roll it through each zone for at least 10-20 seconds. Emphasizing the areas of greatest discomfort. You can follow the video below. (5′)



  1. Stability muscles and core exercises that Movehability can create adapted to your needs. Well, this will help you to treat and / or prevent injuries, activate muscles and balance your body by strengthening your weakest points. (15-20 ‘) Contact us for more information.
  2. Strength exercise. You can divide it between training days. Perform 4-6 exercises, 15-20 maximum repetitions. This is with the weight with which you cannot do more than 15 or 20 repetitions without resting. Rest 10-20 seconds between sets and 30 seconds between exercises. (25-30 ‘)
  3. If your goal is to lose weight, ideally do cardiovascular exercise at the end of your strength training for at least 15-20 minutes. Well, your fat burning system would be working 100%, guaranteeing you burning fat during that time. If possible, more time.
  4. If it is not possible to do the cardio after the strength session, you can do it every other day.
  5. Do active stretching and mobility exercises, yoga-like movements can help you relax your body and leave you feeling well after training. (5-10′)

Conclusions about strength training methods for women and men

By putting these tips into practice, you will get an amazing physique and the best thing is that if you transform them into your lifestyle, you will keep it  forever.

My name is Felisa Vicente, I’m personal trainer, and I would like to advise you in this and many other types of training you are looking for to get the best version of yourself, if you want me to help you, just contact me.



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