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How to start training at Movehability

To start your training program, you will need to:

1. Go to the main menu and click on Programs to start a scheduled program.
2. Choose the program.
3. Click on Start schedule.
4. Then go to the main menu and click on Myhub.
5. Click on Start a workout.
6. Select today’s workout if you want to do the scheduled workout.
7. And then click start to start the workout session.
8. Click on the workout note to read the note I left for you.
9. Select on the exercises notes to read the note I left for you.
10. Click on the exercises name to watch the video and scroll down to read the description.
11. Some exercises are organised in supersets, they have a red line on the left-hand side, this means you will have to do alternatively different exercises to complete the same set with brief or not rest at all in between. Mark the exercises once you have completed then.
12. Click on Finish workout then confirm that you want to finish the workout.
13. Finally, leave me a feedback if needed and click on SAVE for accountability.

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