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Movehability Method

A holistic way of training designed to promote health

What's Movehability methodology?

Movehability has developed a different type of training. A holistic way of training designed to promote health. It perfectly blends ballet, fitness and gymnastics, rehab and muscle activation techniques.

It is based in moderate intensity and it creates neurological connections that will take the best out of your workout making it more efficient, injury free and it promotes health.

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Our method, in videos

Movehability is a holistic training system based on moderate intensity to improve your health. Create habits of movement and posture that activate and balance all your stabilizing muscles. This is essential to prevent and treat injuries sports, shape your figure and feel strong and fit.

Get the most out of your training, what you do matters, but how you do it is the key to success.

How does it work?

In Movehability your goal is our goal, so we will bring all of our resources and efforts together to help you achieve it.

At Movehability, your goal is our goal, so we will put all our strength and resources into helping you achieve it.

What you will you find

A lifetime training

A long-term training system that is adaptable to any stage and circumstances throughout your life.
It is based on activating the muscles you need to move better, feel better and to look better, by creating daily-life habits. These muscles will get stronger and unconsciously remain active forever.

All ages and levels 24/7

Everybody can benefit by this training System. No matter your age or fitness level. It is based on Moderate activities and Persistency and organised in levels and intensities in a way that you can always train.
We believe a continuous effort everyday makes a big difference in the long term.

100% Effectiveness

It works the body from inside out, using the deep muscles stabilising your body first. No need of heavy weights. Lean body-fat burn zone. Safe. It creates habits of movement that corrects and hold your posture.
It uses a specific technique based on Ballet that release stress in the joints. It works using a specific technique that connects your body with your mind and the more you applied it the more efficient it becomes using less weight.

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