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At Movehability you can place your trust in us to support your health and fitness before during and after your pregnancy. As personal trainers specialising in exercise management through conditions such as pregnancy, we are here to help you to understand the most important physiological changes in your body and how they will affect you during your training. Our ante-post natal fitness programmes will allow you to achieve optimal health for conception, control weight gain during your pregnancy and reduce the risk of gestational diabetes, and to get rid of your baby weight faster after birth.

Prenatal Fitness, exercises for pregnant women at home

Have a safe and fit pregnancy Week by week 38 week program

If you are planning a family, your health and fitness will be at the forefront of your mind. Aiming for peak health will give your future child the best start in life, and achieving excellent physical fitness and strength will help you through both labour and recovery.

Boosting fitness is now highly recommended before pregnancy, to help increase your chances of becoming pregnant. With more and more of us starting a family later in life, the longer term use of contraceptives, air pollution that we cannot escape, and increasingly sedentary lifestyles, conception is becoming more difficult for many couples. So, if you are thinking about getting pregnant there is no doubt about it, get fit with our ante-post natal fitness programme first!

Everyone has their own starting point, you may wish to lose weight and tone up prior to pregnancy, or you may have other special health conditions that will require exercise management before starting your training plan. At Movehability, we can create a bespoke training plan that is as unique as you are, designed to bear your forthcoming pregnancy in mind and the specific goals that you would like to achieve for yourself and your growing family.

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Can I train during pregnancy?

There has been lots of research carried out, which shows that working out during pregnancy is highly beneficial to both mother and baby. If you are currently not training, there is no reason why you cannot begin a new ante-post natal fitness programme, in fact there is evidence that demonstrates exercise during pregnancy does not harm the foetus but instead provides benefits for the mother and baby.

At Movehability, we would love to help you to prepare for one of the strongest, hardest efforts you will face in your life – giving life! Becoming stronger and fitter through our ante-post natal fitness programme will not only prepare you for labour, it will help your body to heal and recover in less time allowing you to really cherish those first few days of parenthood.

Many women worry about gaining too much weight during pregnancy, and while an increase on the scales is natural putting on too much can be unhealthy for both you and your child. Starting an ante-post natal fitness programme specifically designed for this stage in your life will help to ensure that you carry a baby that is strong but not too heavy, while also focusing on your own weight management and peak fitness.

At Movehability, we will create a bespoke ante-post natal fitness programme that is based on your current levels of activity as a starting point, as well as your own needs and requirements, factoring in fitness for an enjoyable pregnancy and beyond. The programme will be modified during the gestational period, factoring in symptoms like morning sickness to ensure you train at appropriate times, and teaching you the signs and symptoms to be aware of especially when training. We focus on optimal health and safety for you and your baby at all times.


  • 5 Stability muscles program. Adapted to the needs of each trimester.
  • 10 Upper body programs: Shoulders, arms, back and chest.
  • 10 Lower body programs: Buttocks, legs, hips.
  • 10 Lower body workouts.
  • Cardiovascular program.
  • Nutritional assessment mini e-book.
  • Mini prenatal e-book with guidance and tricks trimester by trimester. 
  • 1 credit to contact the trainer and book for a personalised consultation.
  • Access to the app and to more than 3000 exercises, 250 specifically for Movehability.

Postnatal Fitness, online at home

Get your body back Safe & fast 24 Weeks Program

Managing your ante-natal fitness will be extremely beneficial for returning to your pre-pregnancy weight in a shorter time frame. Once you have recovered properly from delivering your baby, we can start to think about a post-natal fitness programme that will ease you back into training gradually and build you up to full fitness again.

We have a specialist knowledge and understanding of the changes the body undertakes during pregnancy – such as diastasis recti where the abdominal muscles separate due to pressure during pregnancy – and can create an individual post-natal fitness programme to help you work towards achieving your pre-pregnancy body once again!


  • 4 Stability programmes. Core
  • 4 Upper body programmes: Shoulders, arms, back and chest.
  • 4 Lower body programmes: Buttocks, legs, hips.
  • Cardiovascular program
  • Mini e-book: "Learn to eat by changing 10 habits."
  • Mini postnatal mini e-book
  • 1 credit to contact the trainer and book for a personalised consultation.
  • Access to the app and to more than 3000 exercises, 250 specifically for Movehability.

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