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Most of us have faced that sinking feeling where our favourite pair of jeans suddenly feels too tight, or our 'go to' dress no longer zips up. What happened... how did that extra weight creep on without us even noticing?

For many of us, a change in lifestyle, however small, can result in habits being created that are detrimental to our health. For example, that new dream job being located right next to the train station means you are now walking a little bit less than you used to, or you stopped waking up early to prepare your own lunch and have started buying less healthy options en route to the office. Sound familiar? It is easy to fall into bad habits that replace our old, good ones, and it all adds up over time to make a big difference to our health, and our figure! It's time to lose weight and tone up!

Examples of Workouts to lose weight:

At Movehability, your goal is our goal, so we will put all our strength and resources into helping you achieve it.

Movehability - because we are made to move

The fact is, as humans we are made to move. We were built to survive in the hunter-gathering era where starvation could come when we least expected. Our body is naturally programmed to store excess energy in the most efficient way, as fat. Of course, the world has changed a lot since then, we have easy access to food and we move less and less every day thanks to the new methods of transport and sedentary desk jobs.

If we consistently take on more energy (food) than we spend (through movement), we start accumulating fat and as a result we put on weight. And that's when clothes start getting too tight! If this sounds like you, it's time to take action to lose weight and tone up.

Bespoke personal training with real results

If you would like to feel an increased confidence in your appearance and fit into your favourite clothes again, it can be hard to know where to start. Some people try to lose weight for a long time with no results, or they lose weight only to gain it back a few months later, which can become very disheartening. This is where the Movehability lose weight and tone up programmes can really help.

If you have never trained before, that's fine. The most important thing is your determination, your will power, and your desire to make the changes required to create new, better habits and discover a healthier, fitter, and slimmer version of you.

At Movehability, we tailor a bespoke personal training lose weight and tone up programmes according to your individual level of fitness, no matter what your starting point, and we will coach you to make important changes in your lifestyle. This will include becoming more active, exercising more often and more efficiently, and improving your diet and nutrition. We will help you to identify the bad habits, eliminate them, and change them for new ones, while also teaching you how to listen to your body and connect with it.

Just remember a small effort everyday makes a big difference through time.

Are you ready for the change that will make you feel good in your own skin? That will make you look good in your favourite dress or jeans? Our lose weight and tone up programmes will help you to love your body and take care of it they way it deserves! Get in touch with us today to discover how the Movehability methodology can help you to lose weight and tone up to become a fitter, healthier version of you!


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Most of the things we do are part of our subconscious mind, it is a habit! So what if we focus about changing our eating habits?

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