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Do you ever see children running, cartwheeling, tumbling, and climbing freely without a second thought? Part of this is to do with a lack of an instilled fear that we develop as adults but a big factor in why kids can do all of these things and we no longer can is because they don't have the aches and pains that many adults suffer with.

We are born to move but the majority of us put our bodies into positions everyday that do not allow for much movement, such as sitting at a desk all day. Not only does this impact on weight gain, it also negatively affects things like posture, causing aches and pains and a lack of flexibility that prevents us from moving freely and fluidly.

And where is the fun in that?

Improved quality of life

Our modern life tends to work against the movement that our bodies were designed to do. Desk jobs, watching television, looking at our mobile phones, and plenty more daily habits all add up to create unhealthy postures that lead to aches and pains in every day life. This is where the Movehability posture correction programmes come into play.

At Movehability we are adept at helping people to correct their posture through our dedicated training programmes. These are designed to help you to reset and modify your posture for the long-term, by allowing you to create new habits through the various techniques that we will teach you. By doing so, the muscles that are required for better carriage will become strengthened, thus leading to posture correction for the long term that improves quality of life.

What we do

Posture correction - developing new habits

At Movehability, we believe in replacing bad habits with new ones that have a positive effect on your health and wellbeing. Small, simple changes that are adopted and worked on every day can lead to noticeable results in just a short period of time. These new habits are not time consuming, in fact many will occur during your everyday activities, such as brushing your teeth, waiting for the bus, talking to your colleagues, and standing in the coffee queue.

Whether you suffer with lower back pain, knee pain, or neck pain, our posture correction training programmes will be developed for your own unique needs. As your posture corrects, through the development of muscles that have become inactive over time, you will notice various aches and pains begin to disappear once and for all.

Posture correction programmes from Movehability are strength and conditioning plans that use our own click-click-click system that is adapted from ballet techniques. This ensures that various important muscles groups are continuously working throughout your day, such as the glutes, the core, and the scapular (back) muscles. While it might feel strange or difficult at first, the habits are easy to adopt and before you know it everything will click into place and become natural to you.

Posture correction tips: walking

Head: Your head should be centred, so keep your eyes straight ahead... no looking down at the floor or your phone!

Shoulders: Concentrate on keeping your shoulders down in a natural position and don't allow them to tense upwards.

Arms: Keep a slight bend in the arms rather than leaving them to hang and swing. This will prevent the hands from swelling.

Stomach: Engage your core by pulling your belly button in towards your spine. This is a top tip for most daily task!

Hips: Don't allow your hips sway from side to side, the hips should move forward and back with your legs instead.


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