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If handled correctly, with the right understanding of specific needs, exercise truly is for everyone. At Movehability we believe that those who are looking to begin their fitness journey should seek professional advice and guidance to ensure they go about things in the safest and most effective way. In the same vein, those who have special medical or chronic health conditions should certainly look for a qualified professional who can bear these in mind when creating a bespoke fitness plan for the individual. At Movehability, we call this exercise management.

Different conditions require different approaches, and some people may even be suffering from multiple concerns, so there is no 'one size fits all' approach. While exercise can help to combat some health conditions and diseases, the type of exercise carried out, as well as the frequency and intensity of it, should be carefully considered and properly managed. This is where exercise management by Movehability comes into play.

Exercise as medicine

We are made to move and this is an ethos that we truly believe in at Movehability. Fitness and exercise should be a way of life, it's not just about losing weight and toning up, training for a wedding, or getting your figure back after a baby.

More and more of us are leading increasingly sedentary lifestyles, which can in some instances lead to chronic conditions to rise and appear at earlier stages in life, such as: obesity, arthritis, diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension.

We are also aware that many people who develop these conditions do already lead active lifestyles, but may now need to adjust their activity to a safer level that is still beneficial. This is why exercise management can be useful to so many. Whether you are new to training, or need to adjust what you have been doing, at Movehability we can help you to use exercise as medicine, because if fitness came in a pill, doctors would prescribe it to everyone!


Movehability and Felisa Vicente in collaboration with Ripoll y de Prado Sport Clinic “Fifa Recognition of excellence” Located in Elche, (Av. de Manuel Martínez Valero , 3, 03208).

Movehability clients will have the support of its excellent multidisciplinary team.

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What are the special conditions?

There are many medical conditions that would benefit from exercise management, to improve the quality of life while also increasing fitness levels and boosting the health of those who are suffering from any kind of special condition. Here is a snapshot of some of the medical conditions that could be improved by exercise management:

The list above is not exhaustive, and there are other conditions that we can work with to improve, so please get in touch if there is something you would like us to help you with.

How does exercise management work?

Individuals with special conditions will have unique requirements in terms of intensity, techniques and restriction of movements during any kind of physical activity or exercise.

The first thing we will do is determine what type of activities and exercises would benefit you most, your Movehability personal trainer will do this by evaluating the impacts of different physical activities and how they will each affect your health. We also place a focus on understanding what type of workouts you enjoy – we believe in helping you to love your fitness journey, so we won't suggest anything that you'll dislike.

Once this evaluation is done, the type of exercises and the intensity and frequency of them will then determine the best programme for you, tailored entirely to your exacting needs.

At Movehability, your goal is our goal, so we will put all our strength and resources into helping you achieve it.

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