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Online Bespoke training

Perfect for those who need a closer approach to personal training, with professional online support, guidance and the knowledge of a personal trainer.

The program will be tight, organized and programmed for you, with responsibility, instant communication and motivation in one click.

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Lose weight and tone up

This program is designed to help you start on your fitness journey. Is based in moderate Intensity, easy to follow and you can do it anytime-anywhere. With my personalized App you will have all the videos to learn the exercises in a safe way with the technique perfectly explained to the detail organised and scheduled for you.

It will help you to: Identify the bad habits first, eliminate and change them for good. Listen to your body and connect with it. Create habits of movement, increasing your physical activity every day.

And remember, a small effort everyday makes a big difference through time.

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Postural correction

This program is designed to help you correct your posture by creating small daily habits with easy to remember techniques. This will strengthen the right muscles that will prevent you from lower back pain, knee pain and neck pain. We reinforced this habit with a strength-based training program applying these postural techniques into every movement and every rep.

We are made to move, and our posture determines the muscular work during 70% of our daily activities, change your posture and your body will change for good.

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Exercises for pregnancy and postpartum

Program designed for prenatal and postnatal. Created to help you safely throughout your pregnancy. Easy to follow, fun, safe and can be done anywhere.

All exercises are created and adapted to the different stages of your pregnancy: Prevent back pain, moderate increase in body weight, good posture, strengthen the core to prevent abdominal diastasis, increase endurance, prevent diabetes, strengthen the pelvic floor ..

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Exercise management for special conditions

Designed for those who suffer from any type of special condition: Cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, lung diseases. Metabolic diseases: diabetes, obesity.

Immunological and dermatological disorders: Cancer, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome ... Orthopedic diseases and disabilities: arthritis, low back pain syndrome and osteoporosis ...

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Wedding programs

This program is designed to work on the parts of your body that will flatter you on your wedding day. 

  • Correcting your posture so you will look stunning in your pictures.
  • Created to strengthen your core.
  • Created to define and contour your waist, arms, back and hips.
  • Helping you to lose weight if needed.

Besides, it is easy to follow, fun and you can do anytime-anywhere.

We’ll give you the tips to make your wedding program more efficient.

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