“I help business owners and CEOs over 35 years old to lose weight and build lean muscle despite their lower back pain”



My holistic approach is not just about changing what you eat but also about cultivating a positive relationship with food, understanding your body’s needs, and making sustainable lifestyle changes.This strategy is designed to elevate your overall well-being, boost energy levels and resilience against preventable health issues, providing you with the tools to lead a healthier and more fulfilling life amidst your demanding professional schedule.


Elevate your fitness journey with a personalised approach; starting with the Baseline Fitness Assessment, strategically addressing imbalances, injury prevention, and aligning with your aesthetic goals. Experience the life-changing Movehability Method, where I have developed a unique blend of strength training and mobility that is designed to build lean muscle mass while reducing everyday aches and pains and preventing injuries.
Plus I incorporate Lifestyle-based Activity into busy schedules, this is incorporating activities you love for cardiovascular health and caloric deficit. All supported by my Executive Lifestyle Fitness Resources designed for convenience and smooth integration into the corporate lifestyle, transforming your fitness journey with every breath and movement you take.


Experience personalised mentorship and support tailored for CEOs and business owners, Benefit from weekly 1-1 sessions, instant voice memo or messaging support, monthly routine assessments, curated menus for dining out and travelling. Plus lifestyle management tips,time management strategies, and expert insights on sleep, recovery, and supplements, tailored to optimise your well-being.


Hello I’m Felisa Vicente, an online fitness and nutritional coach, with over 25 years of expertise in the Fitness industry and a Bachelor’s degree in Sport Science.

I have primarily been working with CEOs and business owners in the financial services sector helping them to lose weight and gain lean muscles despite their lower back pain caused by their sedentary careers. With everything I have experienced from my personal sport background as a dancer, my education and my coaching experiences, I have created my own training method that I called Movehability.


The Movehability Method is an intentional training technique designed to elevate your fitness experience by increasing Time under Tension. This unique approach focuses on activating muscles in both the eccentric and concentric phases of each movement, creating tension that protects joints and allows for effective workouts without heavy weights—ideal for when you have little space or equipment when travelling or at home and still want to have a very effective workout that aligns with your fitness goals.


Movehability offers a countless of health benefits:

Strengthening the Pelvic Floor

Activation of the transversus abdominis prevails, fortifying the pelvic floor and deep core muscles, thereby helping to maintain urinary continence, contributes to sexual well-being, supporting Pregnancy and Childbirth in women and preventing prostate cancer in men.

Joint and Ligament Protection

By incorporating the eccentric part of the movement, muscles stretch and contract without creating additional pressure on joints and ligaments.

Improved Mobility

Active stretching between sets and working on the eccentric parts on each movement maximises workout time, enhancing overall flexibility

Promotion of Fat Burning

By avoiding heavy weights and minimising resting time, the method efficiently stimulates fat burning

Immune System Support

Contrary to common misconceptions about high-intensity workouts, moderate intensity in the Movehability Method actually strengthens the immune system. This approach allows for adaptability, enabling individuals to lower the intensity when needed, promoting overall well-being.

Testosterone Level Improvement for men

The method prioritises compound exercises like squats, deadlifts, and bench presses, intensifying workouts to stimulate testosterone production and enhance strength..

Immerse yourself in the transformative Movehability Method—where conscious training meets holistic well-being, offering a different and effective approach to achieving your fitness goals.