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Personalized programmes adapted to your needs

Bespoke programmes
Your own personal trainer Flexible Affordable
Specific programs to help you achieve your goals. You can train from any place at any time with my personalized training app.
Lose weight & tone up
 Lose weight in only 30’/day No diet but following 10 rules 12 Weeks program
Start losing weight and not getting it back by changing your eating habits and becoming more active. 
Postural correction
Improve your posture Get rid of back pain
Eliminates back pain, reduces low back pain, strengthens the back and sacroiliac joint. Gain confidence and feel great. Posture tricks that will change your life.
Ante-Natal Fitness
Week by week program Safe-fit pregnancy 38 weeks program
Have a safe pregnancy and feel fit and prepared by following this program. Tested by over 300 clients. Easy to follow, with all the guidance you need and includes 1 credit to contact the coach.
Postnatal Fitness
Get back your body Safe & fast 24 Weeks Program
Recover your body quickly and safely. Focused on the recovery of the abdominal muscles, correcting the acquired posture and helping you lose the weight gained.
Special conditions
Get fitter and stronger Safe and adjusted for your needs Exercise for life

This program is designed for those who suffer from any type of special condition.

Contact us and we will evaluate your circumstances to create the best adapted program to help you improve your quality of life and morbidity.

Wedding programmes
Simple and effective Feel better on your big day
To look your best on the best day of your life. This training program is created to work on the specific parts of your body that will stand out the most on your wedding day.

Your online personal trainer

Hi, I am Felisa Vicente and I’m a Fitness and Lifestyle coach. After 20 years experienced working in Spain and Uk as a personal trainer, I have created my own training method which I ‘ve called Movehability.

Movehability and I are here to help you achieve the best version of yourself

Our method, in videos

Movehability is a holistic training system based on moderate intensity to improve your health. It creates habits of movement and posture that activate and balance all your stability muscles. This is essential to prevent and treat sports injuries, shape your figure and feel fit and strong.

Get the most out of your training, what you do matters, but how you do it is the key to success.

What you will you find

A lifetime training

A long-term training system that is adaptable to any stage and circumstances throughout your life.
It is based on activating the muscles you need to move better, feel better and to look better, by creating daily-life habits. These muscles will get stronger and unconsciously remain active forever.

All ages and levels 24/7

Everybody can benefit by this training System. No matter your age or fitness level. It is based on Moderate activities and Persistency and organised in levels and intensities in a way that you can always train.
We believe a continuous effort everyday makes a big difference in the long term.

100% Effectiveness

It works the body from inside out, using the deep muscles stabilising your body first. No need of heavy weights. Lean body-fat burn zone. Safe. It creates habits of movement that corrects and hold your posture.
It uses a specific technique based on Ballet that release stress in the joints. It works using a specific technique that connects your body with your mind and the more you applied it the more efficient it becomes using less weight.

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🥰Some Benefits ⭐️🤰of training during your PREGNANCY:🥰🤰🏻 •Feeling more energised. ⭐️As you can increase stamina.💪🏽 • Reduced back and joints pain. • Controllable gain of body weight. ( Moving more and eating healthier) • 🥰😉Feeling fitter and stronger for delivery and recovery.💪🏽💕 • By doing exercise, you release endorphins and good hormones that will benefit the baby too.

Throwback to the @exoseducation Acceleration course at @thirdspacelondon last June.

A warm up? Not really, it has a lot of secret tools 🛠 🧰 hidden into each exercise. I have the habit of doing this “ warm up” before my training sessions. It helps me to create neurological connections and activate muscles. Strengthen my weaknesses and get ready for a smarter workout. Injury free, not aggressive, it helps to balance me inside out.

Being consistent is the key! Move more, eat better, fruit and veggies, drink water and sleep!! 🥰 Take your time also to put your feet up and relax! 🧘🏽‍♀️. Life is too short to be stressed!! Enjoy life 😎and keep fit!! 🧨🧨🧨And, just so you know, I’m putting together a brand-new program starting on the 5th of August. This is specifically for busy office people with back pain who don’t have much time for training and want to boost their fitness and correct their posture in 60 days. It’s a remote program, so you can join from anywhere in the world.

Once more, amazing education course with Exos. Aceleración and Multi-direction. #education#exos#teamexos#acelaration#multi-direction#speed#athletesperformance

Always with my super warm up. This time I added some mobility exercises. #movehability#ptinstructor.co.uk#mobilitywork

Online Coaching is really the most effective and affordable way I can offer my services as a Highly Qualified Personal Trainer. With Online Coaching, I’m like your very own personal fitness consultant. Here for your every health and fitness related need. Basically: everything I do with my in-person clients, except is done through the web via-email, skype and a easy to use platform that works with your smart phone. This platform is Movehability App, with all my personal videos and descriptions explaining the technique to the detail with my own words.

Specially for those who train in the middle of the day and go back to work straight after their workout. 🔸when you train you reinforce your posture with every movement. Let your muscle memory keep that attitude fora little while too. Your body will thank you at the end of the day ! 😉

Through back Tuesday. #chestpress#absworkout #abs#healthylifestyle #onlinefitness#onlinefitnesscoach#fitnesstips#fitness #movehability

How do you know when it's time to replace your running shoes? Check the bottom of your trainers to make sure they are in good shape! Shoes start to lose their ability to absorb shock after about 300 miles (according to the NSCA). They recommend changing your shoes at least every 6 months or 300 miles (whichever comes first). So, if you haven’t replaced your trainers in a while, you may be due!


If you have any questions regarding the operation of our method, payment of sessions or other kind of questions, we will solve them here. Remember that you can also contact us anytime.



"I have been training with Felisa for over eight months and have seen an incredible improvement in my mobility. I have had a personal trainer at different gyms for the last ten years, but I have not experienced increased mobility, so I concluded that my body was simply not going to improve. Felisa works according to the individual needs of each client and, through her hard work and training plans, I have seen an improvement in my quality of life. I can't recommend her highly enough"


"Her in-depth knowledge and training along with previous experience in working with people with similar conditions has meant that she has helped me greatly improve the range of motion in my shoulder. We have recently made progress to improve my strength and overall fitness. I highly value my sessions with Felisa."


"I trained with Felisa for 7 months before my wedding and her deep knowledge and motivation made me see the best that I had sought for my big day. The sessions were fun and varied, and I got not only a better understanding of the training that should be doing, but also an understanding of what I should be eating to look my best; something Felisa knows a lot about. I ended up feeling amazing in my wedding dress. Thank you so much! "


"I have been training with Felisa since January 2014 and I give her all the credit for the fact that today I hope to go to the gym. Her deep understanding of fitness is reflected in her unique training style. Felisa's dedication to her work has been extremely inspiring to me. I can't thank Felisa enough for her patience, skills, knowledge, and friendship!"


"During the last five months that I spent training with Felisa, she demonstrated an excellent level of professionalism, a vast knowledge of training and a great amount of enthusiasm that she brings to each session! I have been training at Reebok for the past six years and I am practically not going anywhere. Felisa helped me with my posture problem, my diet and yet reduced my stress level. There are trainers and then you have elite personal trainers. Felisa, with the extraordinary dedication and professionalism of her clients, is beyond this last category. I can't recommend Felisa highly enough!"


"Previously I depended on at least weekly physical therapy to be able to move, now I have confidence in my body again. Felisa has adapted exercises to suit me, working around my various joint problems, which means that I can train constantly and that progress has been constant. The result is that physical therapy visits are now a rarity and I can lead a full life in the city, something I did not think possible. I would recommend Felisa to anyone!"

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