Hello I’m Felisa Vicente, an online fitness and nutritional coach, with over 25 years of expertise in the Fitness industry and a Bachelor’s degree in Sport Science. I have primarily been working with CEOs and business owners in the financial services sector helping them to lose weight and gain lean muscles despite their lower back pain caused by their sedentary careers. With everything I have experienced from my personal sport background as a dancer, my education and my coaching experiences, I have created my own training method that I called Movehability.

I was very tall for my age so I have had my body size since I was 10. So I had to learn to manage my weight. This made me increase my interest in Fitness. So I got to a nutritionist and a trainer to learn to create healthy routines. Since then, I have had a very physically active lifestyle. Also, I started going to Fitness congress at a very young age where I got inspired by the professionals who were lecturing and I wanted to follow in their footsteps.

At Uni, my focus was health and dancing. I had a lecturer who was doing his thesis in lower back pain and I was helping with his research. So since then, I have been helping clients to get rid of their lower back pain while achieving the best form of their lives. I also did my destination in gymnastics and I went in depth into the ballet technique and this is why I am very positive about helping to change posture.

After many years working with high performance, high achievers, business owners and CEOs. I realised that my clients were doing more of what I told them to do by creating specific tailored programs easier to adjust into their hectic lifestyles. This is why I decided to transition into online fitness and nutrition consulting. This way we communicate in a way that is effective for them and they don’t need to be with me to workout and they are getting results in a more efficient way.

Since I am working rigorously as an online fitness and nutrition coach I have seen that my methodical program has helped hundreds of business owners and CEOs that work 60 +hrs a week to lose 1-2lb a week despite their aches and pains by creating lifelong eating, movement and postural habits that have completely changed the way they move, look and feel. My clients are very ambitious and successful with their careers and life aspirations and have now managed to align their hectic lives with their fitness goals. So they now are in the best shape of their lives while feeling full of energy and moving freely.